Friday, 3 December, 2021

Be alert against nation dividers!

We must heed Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s words to be careful against conspiracies that can hinder the country’s prosperity. Today, we too must ask who are these people questioning the existence of Bengalis of other religions in Bangladesh. This country was not created for only the Bengali Muslims but for all the Bengalis of all religions to live side by side equally, without any discrimination. The very concept of Bangladesh was based on equality of all the people of the land irrespective of their religion. Pakistan broke up for the discrimination that the state machinery and a section of the population meted out against the Bengalis - even the Bengali Muslims were unhappy in Pakistan. Imagine the status of Bengali Hindus in Pakistan then! Bangladesh was made as a protest against all such discriminations; thus, we cannot, must not, dare not manifest or tolerate such discrimination becoming the norm in this country made from the bloodshed of our fellow brethren.

Bangladesh was first only a dream. Bangabandhu worked relentlessly with the help and support of hundreds of thousands of Bengalis from all over the country and abroad, who wanted a land for the Bengali people free from discrimination. Bangladesh came into being after a bloody war fought by the Bengali people belonging to all castes and religions in the country. This country is an ideal - the land for all the Bengali people - irrespective of their religions - Buddhists, Christians, Hindus or Muslims. People belonging to all religions fought in the war to free the land of our forefathers. Bangladesh became free at the cost of blood of Bengalis, not only Muslims. We must not forget the sacrifice of a single martyr or freedom fighter as there were Buddhists, Christians, Hindus and Muslims who shed blood, lost near and dear ones in the war of liberation.

Bangladesh cannot become that which we broke apart from; we must not diminish our values to treat any human less just because they follow other religions. Who are we to question the existence of any people who have been created by the same Creator who made us and sustains us all? For we know that all religions only teach its followers peace and harmony.

Therefore, we must be alert against anyone who tries to divide our people on the basis of religion, race, caste, language, or anything else.