Tuesday, 30 November, 2021

Sho’s ‘Songs of Fishermen’ depicts struggling life of fishermen

Depicting the struggles, sorrows, and lifestyles of the fishing community, shipbuilders, and boatmen in the coastal area of Bangladesh, a solo art exhibition of international artiste Mong Mong Sho titled ‘Songs of Fishermen’ is currently ongoing at the EMK Center, Dhanmondi in the capital, reports UNB.

The exhibition was inaugurated on September 30, marking the 9th founding anniversary of the EMK Center.

Chittagong University Fine Arts Department Professor Alak Roy, eminent artist Kanak Chanpa Chakma, Dhaka University’s Drawing and Painting Department Assistant Professor Bishwajit Goswami were present at the inaugural ceremony.

The guests lauded Mong Mong Sho's use of vivid colours in his thought-provoking artistic narratives.

Tired, sunburned face, torn out attire, a slender but strong figure fishing at sea are some of the vital themes featured in the watercolour artworks of artist Mong Mong Sho, who was born and brought up in the coastal area of Moheskhali, a small island in the Bay of Bengal in Bangladesh.

Having a deep relationship with the water and all the people or things related to water, Mong Mong Sho said, “The ‘Fishing boat’ carries the memory of generations, which is history, and it is also a story, closely related to the memory of my hometown. I want to capture the fight for existence, possibilities, and beauty in the fishermen's life.”

“Time may change the world, and maybe one day, the fishing boats will no longer exist soon, but the paintings will become a token of stories from the past,” Mong Mong Sho added, saying that he wants these paintings to be the chronicles of the struggles, possibilities and dreams in the everyday life of these fishermen in the coastal area of Bangladesh.

His unique artistic expression has manifested his thoughts and observations on his watercolour artworks, through which he tried to bring out different aspects of humane emotions such as hope, excitement, sorrow, survival, and the fishermen's songs.

The exhibition will continue till October 21, from 10am to 7pm every day.