Sunday, 5 December, 2021

Tawsif, Safa’s ‘Third Chance’

Tawsif Mahbub and Safa Kabir, one of the popular pairs on the small screen, have teamed up again for a new tele-drama titled ‘Third Chance’.  The drama has been written and directed by Babu Siddque.

In the drama, Mr. Zaman is a retired officer. After his retirement he strictly maintains his daily life routine. He keeps a tally book on a table outside his house’s door, where each family member has to write down in and out time. Mr. Zaman has only a daughter named Aboni. She is very beautiful and gentle. Sometimes, she feels upset about activities of her father, but gradually she becomes used to it. 

Aboni has a friend named Abir. Nowadays Abir cares for Aboni much than before. He arranges a surprise birthday party for Aboni. After seeing this, she gets emotional and embraced him. And Abir realises he loves Aboni. But it’s too late now! When Abir wants to express his feelings to Aboni he gets to know she got engaged to another boy. Then the play makes a dramatic turn…

The drama ‘Third Chance’ also stars Mashum Bashar, Rocky Khan, Ethena and others. The play will be aired on a private TV channel soon, informed the director.