Thursday, 21 October, 2021

Select good people for good governance

Select good people for good governance

Local government is vital for a developing a country like Bangladesh. Having the right kind of leadership at the grassroots level is vital for any country, but it is more so for a country trying to bridge the huge gap from developing status to developed one in the near future. For an effective local government, it is required to have someone at the helm of affairs who cares for the people and their development. Having good local governance will make a big difference to the pace of countrywide development. In that sense, the upcoming second phase of Union Parishad (UP) elections is vitally important for the future of Bangladesh.

It has long been a topic of discussion that Bangladesh must have a strong, honest and effective local government to overcome the myriad of local problems plaguing the country. It can only be possible by having patriotic and wise local representatives, who will put forward the cause of the people at all times, overcoming narrow self-interest. Those who are respected by the locals for their selfless service, patriotism, good character rather than money-mongers with muscle men surrounding them, should be chosen for the interest of the people, to ensure an effective local government oriented towards the country's development.

We are puzzled by the opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) refraining from participating in the UP elections, yet they wish to be at the helm of power of the country! The top down approach of governance in Bangladesh may be behind this kind of attitude towards local government elections.

On the other hand it is alleged that many of the Awami League (AL) nominees for the UP polls are children and grandchildren of anti-liberation elements, drug traders, intruders, killers and other controversial leaders. The AL completed giving party nominations for elections to 848 UPs. But unfortunately, allegations are coming up against the nominated candidates after the announcement of their names.

We hope that parties will select candidates for the UP elections who are deserving, patriotic and highly respected by the local people. Having the wrong persons representing at the local level, may actually be more damaging for the reputation of a national level political party in the long run. We request our leaders to select UP poll candidates keeping the interest of the people and the country at heart.