Thursday, 21 October, 2021

Govt smells conspiracy to destroy peace

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  • 15 October, 2021 12:00 AM
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Govt smells conspiracy to destroy peace

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Some cabinet members smell a rat at destroying the peaceful atmosphere of the country over the next national election.

They also blasted the communal forces for carrying out heinous attacks on houses and puja mandaps when Hindus are celebrating their largest religious festival Durga Puja.

Issuing a note of warning to bring the perpetrators to book, the ministers also said the Awami League-led government would not allow anyone to ruin the country’s harmony for anyone’s political intension.

They came up with such remarks as some incidents of vandalising of houses and puja mandaps took place, including Cumilla and other parts of the country, on Wednesday.

Members of the Border Guard Bangladesh have been deployed in 22 districts to maintain law and order as tensions escalated over the alleged desecration of the Holy Quran in Cumilla.

While visiting puja mandaps in the capital, Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader alleged that unholy nexus and extreme communal forces are involved in these attacks.

“Unholy nexus and extreme communal forces carried out attack on Hindus houses and puja mandaps in Cumilla and other parts of the country targeting the next national election. But, the Sheikh Hasina-led government will not allow these evil forces to raise their heads,” he said.

Terming these incidents as a heinous one, the AL general secretary warned that those involved in the Cumilla incident will be brought to book and no offender will be spared.

“A vested quarter is trying to destroy the communal harmony targeting the upcoming national election slated for 2023,” he said.

“The government is committed to ensure exemplary punishment to those responsible for ruing communal harmony. Measures have already been taken,” he added. Quader also called upon all to remain vigilant and build resistance against those who want to destroy the communal harmony in the country before the national election.

“Rumours are being spread through social media. Everyone has to be careful against these too,” he said.

Mentioning that there is political intension behind the incidents, Information and Broadcasting Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud said a vested quarter has been involved in unleashing rumours after failing to face Sheikh Hasina politically.

“They have been involved in misdeeds to ruin a peaceful communal harmony by spreading rumours through social networking websites,” he said.

The minister also assured that offenders will be indentified and exemplary punishment will be ensured.

“Intension was clear that they were trying to create communal tension by spreading rumours on social media. It also proved that a section of people have carried out these incidents those who have always been involved in carrying out such evil deeds. Many agencies including the police are investigating on it,” he said.

Calling upon all not to be confused over rumours, Hasan said don’t listen to any rumours, various rumours spread on social media.

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal said it seems that it’s a motivated act planned by a vested group.

“Several people involved in the Cumilla incident have been identified and some suspected instigators detained. We will hunt down those involved in the incident. We have identified some of them and they will be held without any day,” he said.