Thursday, 28 October, 2021

First vaccine for fish developed in country

  • Staff Correspondent
  • 14 October, 2021 12:00 AM
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First oral vaccine has developed for fish in the country which can protect their species from bacterial diseases and can boost their production.

Dr Abdullah Al Mamun, chairman of Fish Health Management Department at Sylhet Agriculture University (SAU), has developed the vaccine.

He said the vaccine will help boost fish production as it will reduce their mortality rate.

A huge number of fish die every year being infected by one kind of bacteria named Aeromonas hydrophila that causes sores in fish, he said.

Dr Abdullah started his research work on developing fish vaccine since 2016 while modern machine at the university helped to produce it.

“The vaccine has been named as “Biofilm”.  They will run a test trial of the vaccine next year after mixing it with their feed,” he said.  “During the research, a number of Pangas fish were given the vaccine at SAU research centre and we achieved 84 per cent success and now we are thinking of applying the vaccine at the field level,” he added. The vaccine will be applied in different ponds in Sylhet from March next year and some ponds have been selected for this purpose, he said. “If we see success at the field level, initiative will be taken for its commercial production.”

“We don't have the capacity of producing huge vaccine but we can produce 100 milliliters of vaccine every month,” he added. A proposal has been sent to the Bangladesh Academy of Sciences for assisting the research work, he said.

According to Fisheries Faculty of SAU, 28 types of vaccine are used for fish in different countries, including Japan, the US, Canada, Norway, Finland and Chili. And it is the first time in Bangladesh that an initiative has been taken to invent vaccine for fish.