Wednesday, 20 October, 2021


Only heartless brutes can do it

The development of medical science has really been a blessing with added weapons to fight severe complexities in human body. Besides discovering different medicines, scientists have always tried to know about new complexities and find out ways to treat diseases that are not cured merely by medicines. Organ transplantation is one such technology, which is now saving the lives of thousands of people across the globe. However, with blessing comes the curse, particularly in the field of science and technology. Human organ trafficking is surely a curse in the field of health services.

The issue has come to the fore once again since an organ trafficking group has been detained recently in the country. A report quoting the RAB at least suggests so. According to a piece of front-page news of this daily, the law enforcement agency has arrested the ring leader and four members of a human organ trafficking gang which allegedly sold kidneys of 100 people in a neighbouring country after persuading them into selling their kidneys by making them believe that one kidney is enough to lead a normal life.

For a long time, the news is there that a group of unscrupulous and inhumane persons is always ready to make organ donation a business taking the advantage of the innocence of gullible persons. Though such business is illegal in every country on the earth, as middlemen, they are doing the illegal business over the years. After observing their activities, a question may come to mind – whether these people have hearts or have sold those too!

The government has taken several steps including enacting stricter laws to stop the illegal trade of human organs, but those have been proven not enough to end the illegal business; rather the illegal business now seems to be spreading crossing the boundary of the country. Though traffickers are mainly accountable for the organ business, the role of economic disparity cannot be neglected since most of the victims are found to be from low-income groups who opt to sell their organs to get rid of poverty. Therefore, the push factors of organ business like poverty should be eradicated. But, ensuring proper implantation of the laws is the most crucial factor to eliminate the business. Nobody should be allowed to play with the misfortune of others.