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Links with Quader

Moosa, wife, son quizzed

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  • 13 October, 2021 12:00 AM
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Moosa, wife, son quizzed

Businessman Moosa Bin Shamsher, his wife and son were quizzed by Detective Branch of Police on Tuesday about their alleged links with Abdul Quader Chowdhury alias Quader Majhi who has been arrested on charges of fraudulence.

Moosa along with his wife and son entered the DB office in the capital at about 3:25pm and came out around 6:55pm after undergoing interrogation.

Replying to a question from journalists, Moosa said, “Fake Additional Secretary of Public Administration Ministry Abdul Quader is a liar. I have also been cheated. I will file a case against him.” He said, “The DB questioned me about Abdul Quader and I have clarified everything I know. DB police are satisfied with my statement.”

Regarding the identity of Abdul Quader as his legal adviser, Moosa said, “Abdul Quader has lied. He wasn’t my legal adviser.”

Moosa said, “A fraudulent man went to my office with a fake card in the name of Additional Secretary. He took pictures with me at different times and he would occasionally sit with me and talk to superiors. Among them, IGP and Army General. I believed that he (Abdul Quader) was the additional secretary. But later it was proved that he is not an additional secretary, he is a fake additional secretary. I let him out later.”

While asked about pictures with him, he told reporters, “A lot of people come to me and take pictures. If someone wants to take a picture, I can't say no. If someone cheats by showing my picture, I can’t take the responsibility.”

Moosa cannot avoid the responsibility of cheating Abdul Quader, who introduced himself as Additional Secretary, Joint Commissioner of Detective Branch (DB) Harun Or Rashid said at a press conference after questioning him for three hours.

He said, “He (Moosa) appointed fraudster Quader as his legal adviser. He was given a check for Tk 20 crore. He also used to call Quader as ‘Baba’, ‘Sona’.

Harun Or Rashid said during interrogation, Moosa claimed that he did not know anything about Quader’s deception.

He said, “We told him, how did you hire a class nine pass man without understanding, how did you take Tk 10 crore from him and give him a check of Tk 20 crore with profit?”

“Although Moosa Bin Shamsher said that he did not know much about Quader but we had found a lot of conversations with him.”

He was also informed that he could be re-called for questioning if necessary.

Quader was arrested on Thursday and is charged with deceiving people by posing as additional secretary of the public administration ministry. DB police found involvement with Moosa after arresting Quader.

Police also arrested Quader’s wife Sharmin Chowdhury and three others on charges of embezzling millions of takas by cheating ordinary people over almost 14 years.

Abdul Quader Chowdhury’s real name is Abdul Quader Majhi and he only studied up to Class X. Police said that Quader was using the surname Chowdhury instead of Majhi as a ploy to defraud people when he came to Dhaka.

After the arrest, DB officer Hafiz Akhtar said “Quader is a big-time fraudster and has swindled people out of millions through various scams. After his arrest, we found a picture of him with Moosa Bin Shamsher. Quader told DB officials that he was Moosa bin Shamsher’s legal adviser.”

During the raid, police found a cheque for Tk 20 crore issued by Moosa in Quader’s favour. Quader had also entered into a contract with Moosa’s wife.