Wednesday, 27 October, 2021

Technology shapes post-pandemic world

Says GP CEO at GSMA Mobile 360 Asia Pacific event

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  • 13 October, 2021 12:00 AM
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Technology shapes post-pandemic world

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Technological innovation and future-ready ecosystem for youth can shape the post-pandemic world, said GrameenphoneCEO.

CEO of GrameephoneYasirAzman was speaking at a conference styled as “Technology vs the Pandemic: How has the Pandemic Influenced Digital Advancements?” on Tuesday.

Global System for Mobile Communications GSM Association (GSMA) organised the conference event at its signature “Mobile 360” event.

In his keynote speech, YasirAzmanoutlined the newfound possibilities of technology amid the global pandemic catastrophe.

He said the timely initiative, undertaken by GSMA for the Asia Pacific, carried the objective to analyze the rapidly developing tech industry and its transformation during the COVID-19 phase.

The CEO discussed disseminating the evolution of mobile technology, connectivity, public-private partnership opportunities, access to vital information, affordability, the telecom industry's contribution to health and education, and future-readiness and obtaining of futuristic tech tools like Big Data. 

YasirAzmanrecalled how the Bangladesh government and private sector worked relentlessly together since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the country.

"Connectivity has become not only essential but critical in these challenging times amid confinement measures put in place to curb the spread of the disease,” he said. “As a collective force, telecom industry stepped up with affordable connectivity managing additional capacity, facilitated online education & LMS platforms, equipped health sector and best utilize big data for fighting coronavirus,” he said.

Azman said, “Innovation and sheer commitment helped the industry sustain during the rapid surge of the virus.” 

With a paradigm shift in the citizen's lifestyle where they opt for digital solutions, it is essential to create a future-ready ecosystem, he pointed out.

According to him,it addresses digitalization needs as “we move towards a cashless society, doing online classes, working from home, shopping.”

“This is possible by best utilizing the power of 4G, resolving the pertaining industry challenges and eventually co-create a 5G friendly policy framework for implementation,”Grameenphone CEO stressed.

Azmansaid, “It is essential to ensure upskills and equip ourselves, especially our youth, with relevant skillsets to get them ready for future to accelerate digitalization.”

“Leveraging the youth dividend can help us build advanced capabilities to drive and sustain the technological revolution.”

He stressed that denotation of creating a future-ready ecosystem, addressing citizens' digital needs, including online safety, acquisition of next-generation skills to enable and accelerate digitalization.

At the event, CEO also discussed about upskills of the existing resource pool and utilization of 4G and high-speed internet to explore the dignitaries towards the possibilities of unleashing 4IR.