Monday, 25 October, 2021

Iconic figure in teaching profession

In this era of moral degradation among almost all segments of the society including teachers, Satyajit Biswas has set an example of how a teacher should be in terms of morality, devotion to profession and dutifulness. Biswas, a math and science teacher at a secondary school in Jashore was absent from school not for a single day till he retired on Saturday after long 35 years of fruitful service; even the death of this father and his own marriage or illness and inclement weather could not restrain him from attending school. He neither had the record of being late on any day.

What led him to such a unique and unparalleled sense of duty? It was his concern for the education of his students that motivated him to be so much dutiful. He had the thought that his absence even for a moment would be injustice to his pupils and would deprive them of proper learning. Biswas’ fatherly affection for his students was another important factor behind his dutifulness. It is undoubtedly a rare quality on the part of an educator in this age of too much commercial mentality of a big segment of teachers.

Satyajit Biswas helped his students to master theory and practice of science and solve mathematical problems but his teaching was much wider in scope than what is apparently noticeable. He not only instilled high moral values into the minds of his students by setting personal example of dedication and sense of duty but also left for the teaching community a legacy to be cherished.

It is saddening to mention that a large number of teachers nowadays are running after personal gain and prefer skipping official duties; instead of giving lessons in the classrooms, they are busy with private coaching and other non-pedagogical professions. Many of them also display serious moral degradation. In contrast, Satyajit Biswas left behind a treasure to be valued by all in the noble profession of teaching.