Tuesday, 19 October, 2021

RMG workers block road for arrears

25km tailback created on Dhaka-M’singh highway

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  • 11 October, 2021 12:00 AM
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RMG workers block road for arrears

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Workers of two readymade garment factories took to the street and put up a barricade on Dhaka-Mymensingh highway in Gazipur on Sunday, causing a 25km tailback for six hours at a stretch.      

Travelers had to endure a great deal of suffering caused by the huge tailback.

The workers of the two factories of Interlink Apparels took to the street around 8:00am, protesting against the sudden layoffs and demanding their arrears.

It was not until 1:00pm that several hundred agitating employees withdrew their blockade after receiving assurance from the authorities concerned through mediation of police, said Abdullah Al Mamun, deputy commissioner (traffic) of Gazipur Metropolitan Police (GMP).

Although angry workers left the highway after six hours, the vehicles could not ply smoothly for next one more hours, said some bus staff. 

There were two reasons -- cars started plying gradually and some traffic police and bus staff created unpleasant situation at Bhogra area -- behind it, they said.  

About the matter, Mamun said it was just a trifle issue that took place between a constable and the staffers of a bus and it was solved quickly.

The workers of Interlink Apparels factories at Maleker Bari and at Bhogra in Gazipur city came to their workplaces as usual in the morning, but found the gates shut.

Being angered, they took to the street and put up a barricade on the highway, halting traffic movement on the busy highway, said Deputy Commissioner of the GMP Zakir Hossain. He said police took an initiative to solve the problem. And a meeting was held between 10 workers’ representatives and the authorities of the factories in presence of some officers of Industrial Police and the GMP, he said.  Being assured, the employees returned home, he added.

Some workers said the authorities were scheduled to pay their salaries for the previous month on that day (Saturday).

In spite of this, the garments authorities put up a notice on the factory gates saying that production will be halted until October 24.

Abdur Rahim, driver of a bus, said that they left Chandura at Kaliakair upazila around 9:00am for going to the capital.

“It normally takes one and a half hours to reach the destination. But It took more than eight hours to reach the capital,” he said.

Describing the tailback, Rahim said that it seemed the highway turned into a parking lot as all the vehicles was stuck for hours.

Some passengers had babies who were crying due to excessive heat in the bus and the parents had no option but to get down with their children to pacify them.

Stating that some old men and women were also the passengers of his bus, he said that they were feeling unwell.

Yunus Talukder, a businessman of Kaliakair, said that it was unbearable sufferings they (passengers) faced in the gridlock for more than six hours at a stretch.

 Even after withdrawal of the blockade, the vehicles had to ply at a snail’s pace as it took one more hours for normalcy.