Monday, 25 October, 2021

Covid Aid Scam (Last part)

India connection: Zakir Naik, Zakat Foundation & Al-Fouz

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  • 10 October, 2021 12:00 AM
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The key actors in Muslim Aid Foundation are also the key actors in some of the controversial organisations in India such as Zakat Foundation of India (ZFI), Islamic Research Foundation (IRF), Al-Fouz Trust and Peace TV.

One of the key members of Muslim Aid UK circuit, Mohammed Jafer Hussain Qureshi, is also the trustee of Peace TV. Besides, he was a director of Islamic Research Foundation for 2007-16, another organisation owned by Dr Zakir Naik, a man wanted in connection with bomb blasts in several cities in India.

Likewise, Muslim Aid Australia star campaigner Dr Bilal Philips is a close associate of Dr Zakir Naik. He regularly appears as a speaker on Peace TV. Philips and Naik were also the advisors of Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA).

Al-Fouz Trust

Mohammad Jafer Hussain Qureshi is the chairman of Al-Fouz Trust, founding trustee of which Mustassam Abbasi is also the director of Peace TV.

Zakat Foundation of India

Muslim Aid UK member Jafer Hussain Qureshi is a close associate of Syed Zafar Mehmood, founder of Zakat Foundation of India, and both of them are currently serving as directors of Zakat Foundation of India (International) in the UK.

The Zakat Foundation was also one of the recipients of funds from Madina Trust UK. A case was pending with the Supreme Court of India against Zakat Foundation of India for receiving foreign funds from Madina Trust and Muslim Aid UK.

The Circle of Hell

President of Muslim Aid USA between 2015-18 Wakar Uddin is an active participant of conferences organised jointly by Justice for All (JFA) and Burma Task Force – both of which are fronts of Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) – which in turn is associated with Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan.

He is also the chairman and founder of Burmese Rohingya Association of North America (BRANA). It is also worth noting that BRANA works in coalition with Burma Task Force.

Muslim Ummah of North America (MUNA)

Armaan Chowdhury, vice-president and treasurer of Muslim Aid USA in 2015, is currently the National Executive Director and Director of Social Service at MUNA (Muslim Ummah of North America).

MUNA was established in 1990 as a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organisation with company No. 1690591. At present, MUNA is part of Burma Task Force which in turn comes under Justice for All. MUNA does not shy away about its association with Jamaat-e-Islami, not just once but on numerous occasions. In 2010, MUNA invited one of the Bangladesh war criminals and Jamaat Assistant Secretary General Muhammad Kamaruzzaman to its event. Their connection with war criminals was not limited to just one person. Likewise, Nakibur Rahman, son of another 1971 war criminal Motiur Rahman Nizami, was the speaker of 2019 convention organised by MUNA.


The Covid crisis is a tragedy of the century. Being so, the moral and financial fraud committed by these fronts in the name of helping India is also a scam of the century. In a well-conceived and orchestrated manner, plethora of shady fronts pop up to collect funds in the name of helping India – all with similar set of people and run in almost identical manner.

However, the Covid crisis is only the most recent scam, albeit most successful one, pulled off by these organisations in the name of charity. They have turned charity into a full-fledged industry, where with help of a website, social media handles, fake images and fund-raising platforms, they are able to generate millions of dollars with zero accountability.

The tragedy is glaring in the face not only in its scale and its inhuman character, but more so about the impunity with which they are able to operate in various countries – from the US to the UK to Australia and so forth – right under the nose of law enforcement agencies. These organisations do not have one but several smoking guns. And should there be some doubt, they openly deploy convicted war criminals and designated terrorists.

Hence it remains a puzzle as to how the robust law and order machinery of the developed world has failed to bring them to justice. If they are considered ‘necessary evils’ who are being allowed to run in return of some ‘quid pro quo’ then this would be another matter.

It is also a matter of grave concern that these fronts are able to operate with same impunity in India as well, and despite their crimes being in open in public domain, they continue to run the business as usual.

We can only hope that the law takes its course one day, and till then the best defence against these scams is awareness.

The more they get exposed, and the more people know about their fraud, is the only way we would be able to save millions of innocent people, including a large section of unsuspecting Muslim population from falling prey to these vulture charities. It is imperative that they realise the true face of these organisations, which have become fiefdom of a set of families settled in developed world and running agenda of a state.