Monday, 18 October, 2021

Hakaluki Haor getting back biodiversity

Hakaluki Haor getting back biodiversity

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SYLHET: After the flooding disaster in 2017, the Hakaluki Haor, one of the largest wetlands in the country, is getting back its normal biodiversity.

The authorities concerned have been implementing various programmes aiming at ameliorating the damages to Boro paddy, fish, livestock and others aquatic plants, from the severe flooding on that time.

Earlier in 1999, the Department of Environment (DoE) declared the Hakaluki Haor an 'ecologically critical area'. The DoE then took up various programmes, to protect and preserve this haor, while several non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have come forward, with the government to achieve the goal.

The haor, spreads over Kulaura, Juri and Baralekha upazilas under Moulvibazar district, and Fenchuganj and Golapganj upazilas under Sylhet district, comprises 235 small or large water bodies, covering 45 thousand acres of wetlands. With the present growth of native aquatic plants, fishes, birds, and wildlife are appearing in larger numbers, adding to the biodiversity in the wetland, sources informed.

However, another source said, due to an increase in agro production in the haor area, aquatic plants are at serious risk. Many indigenous fish like Mohasoal, Ruhi, Katla, Chitol, Koi, Sorputi, Puti, Mola, Gozer, Ayir, Bowal, Taki, Gulsey, Telapia, Baim, Vedory, Kholsey, Tengra, and Rani are disappearing from the water bodies gradually, due to various reasons like haor disaster, indiscriminate unabated catching of fish fries, and the adverse impact of climate change.

These native fish, abundantly available in the natural water bodies, were supplied to many places of the country, including the capital Dhaka, after meeting the local demand.

Moreover, the fisheries department of Kulaura upazila took up a massive program at Hakaluki haor, to increase the indigenous fish, which was damaged in the haor disaster on 2017, causing a loss of 25tonnes of fishes.

The fisheries department set up many fish habitats in different areas of Hakaluki Haor, and has also conducted mobile court swoops, against illegal fishing in a bid to increase native fish production said the fisheries department of Kulaura Upazila.