Tuesday, 26 October, 2021

Onion price hike in India impacts Bangladesh mkt

Govt won’t take liability for e-commerce fraudulence victims: Minister

  • Staff Correspondent
  • 9 October, 2021 12:00 AM
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Onion price hike in India impacts Bangladesh mkt

Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi on Friday said the onion price hike in Bangladesh has been driven by the price hike in India. 

“Onion price hike in India and rain have impacted the onion market in our country. If the price goes down there, it will affect us too. However, the market is being monitored,” he said. 

Tipu Munshi made the remarks while talking to journalists after inaugurating a jewellery shop named ‘Diamond World’ in Rangpur city on Friday. About the price hike of sugar, he said the sugar price increased in Bangladesh due to the influence of sugar price hike in international market.

While talking about the e-commerce frauds, the minister said the government will not take responsibility for the customers who are affected by e-commerce frauds.   

“There are at least 20,000 e-commerce platforms in the country. Many people are involved with these platforms. Consumers have suffered when they go to buy products at low prices. They did not inform the government to buy products at low price. Why would the government take responsibility for their (customers’) losses?” he said. However, the government is taking legal action against the e-commerce organisations that are involved in irregularities and corruptions, said the minister

Mentioning that the government wants e-commerce to do well, he said, “So far, allegations of irregularities and corruption have been leveled against 10-12 organisations. They are being investigated.”