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Nusrat pushed Munia into immoral activities

Piasa reveals during remand

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  • 9 October, 2021 12:00 AM
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Nusrat pushed Munia into immoral activities

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Model Faria Mahbub Piasa has been sent to jail after completion of her two-day remand in a case filed over the alleged rape and murder of college girl Mosarat Jahan Munia.

Sources at the Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) tasked to deal with the case claimed to have got some sensational information from model Piasa during her remand in their custody.

Mosarat Jahan Munia was found dead at a Gulshan flat on April 26. Her elder sister Nusrat Jahan Tania filed a false case against Bashundhara Group Managing Director Sayem Sobhan Anvir accusing him of instigating suicide.

After a thorough investigation in the case, police submitted Final Report to the court on July 19, saying that allegation against Sayem Sobhan Anvir is baseless as they found no proof of his involvement in  the incident.

The court received the final report on July 22. After hearing, the court acquitted the lone accused in the case on August 18.

At the same time, the court also dismissed Naraji (no confidence) petition submitted by Nusrat against the police report which led to the dismissal of the false and fabricated case. Later, Nusrat filed another case with the Women and Children Repression Prevention Tribunal-8 of Dhaka. Bashundhara Group managing director, his wife, parents, model Piasa and flat owner was made accused in the case.

On August 2, police in a raid arrested model Piasa from her Baridhara flat. They also recovered drugs and illegal arms from her possession.

Piasa is now behind the bar in several cases, involving cocktail party and anti-social activities, at her residence. Young girls and businessmen used to join immoral activities with her.

According to a statement of Piasa, Nusrat first made a phone call to her in an evening and sought permission to meet her. After getting permission, Nusrat along with her younger sister Munia came to her flat. Munia was beautiful. Nusrat expressed her sister’s fascination for modeling and acting. She sought some help so that Munia can be cast in drama and cinema.

After three days, Nusrat phoned Piasa again and wanted to meet her. Nusrat was asked to bring her sister in modern dress to a DJ party at Baridhara where cinema directors and other renowned and influential people were supposed to be present.  This is how Munia started visit to Baridhara residence to attend party there.

One day, Munia sent Piasa a SMS mentioning her inability to survive in Dhaka due to the corona pandemic and sought some financial help. In response, Piasa gave her Tk 50,000. Munia then went to her village home.

Later, Munia came back to Dhaka and made further contact with Piasa. Piasa told her that no party was taking place in the flat due to the pandemic. Since then, she had no contact with Nusrat and Munia.

Piasa told police that Nusrat introduced Munia with various influential people in Dhaka. She used to sell beauty of her younger sister and blackmail affluent and influential people for personal gain. Nusrat led his life with the money of her sister.

However, Piasa expressed her ignorance of the murder of Munia. She claimed to have no contact with other accused in the case.

During investigation, Piasa told police that Munia might have committed suicide. Munia used to quarrel with her elder sister Nusrat over financial issues.

Experts think that Nusrat has been unmasked by the statement of model Piasa.

Earlier, a Dhaka court placed Piasa on a two-day remand in the case filed by Nusrat  in connection with the alleged rape and murder of Munia.