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Buddha’s message in alleviating human sufferings

Buddha’s message in alleviating human sufferings

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Two thousand five-hundred sixty years is a very long time to even think of, forget calculation of the time-period that has passed by in between. But the birth of a person so many years ago continues to hold significance and relevance today not only in and around the place where he was born but across the globe.

Buddha Jayanti is definitely not just about the birth of a person but about the teachings that he left behind for the welfare and greater good of the humankind.

Born in 563 Lumbini, then a village between then Shakya kingdom of Kapilvastu and Koliya kingdom of Devadaha, Siddhartha Kumar was a prince who shunned the materialistic life inside a palace to find the real meaning of human life and truth. Lumbini, now lies in west Nepal and today is the centre of attraction for Buddhist followers and the believers of non-violence and world peace.

In recognition of the significance of Buddha’s teaching for world peace, the United Nations adopted a resolution in 2000 to mark the day as Vesak or Baisakh Day to observe the birth, enlightenment and death of Gautam Buddha that all happened in the month of Baisakh in the lunar calendar. Ever since, a special commemorative event is organized at the UN Headquarters every year.

In a message, former UN Secretary General Ban-ki Moon said that at this time of mass population movements, violent conflicts, atrocious human rights abuses and hateful rhetoric aimed at dividing communities, the sacred commemoration of the Day of Vesak offers an invaluable opportunity to reflect on how the teachings of Buddhism can help the international community tackle pressing challenges.

As stated in the ex-UNSG’s message, the timeless preaching of non-violence and mid-way by Lord Buddha does resonates with the UN’s greater goal of maintaining world peace and order through the ideals of non-violence, tolerance and compassion. As a result, Lord Buddha teachings become more than pertinent in today’s world where violence and intolerance is on the rise. Many efforts national and global have failed to bring lasting peace to the world, and the adherence to the teachings by a man born 2560 years ago could not only help resolve conflicts of all kinds but also end human suffering in all its manifestations.


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