Thursday, 28 October, 2021

Janata Bank ranks fourth in reaching Tk 1tn deposit

  • Staff Correspondent
  • 8 October, 2021 12:00 AM
  • Print news

State-owned commercial bank Janata Bank Limited has secured the fourth position among all government banks in entering into Tk 1 trillion deposit club.

“The bank has reached to this new milestone with the savings of ordinary people and deposits held by government and non-government organisations,” said Janata Bank Managing Director Md Abdus Salam Azad.

Azad also said that all the officials and employees of the bank hard working bring the success.  Deposits of state-owned Sonali Bank exceeded Tk 1 trillion in 2016. In June 2020, Islami Bank Limited entered into Tk 1 trillion deposits club. Another state owned Agrani Bank joined the trillion taka deposit club in June this year.

In September 23, Janata Bank's deposits reached to Tk 1 trillion and it stood at Tk 1.18 trillion on last Tuesday.

Of the total amount, 30 percent deposit came from public sector funds. The disbursement loan deposit of Janata bank is stood at Tk 683.28 billion.

The sector insiders said that no bank in the public or private sector would be able to reach such elite club as the nearest deposit position of the other banks is around Tk 500 billion.