Saturday, 27 November, 2021

DNCC residents not keen on free dengue test

People residing under Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) do not appear to be interested in availing themselves of free dengue testing facilities as their turnout is very low.

The number of dengue patients in Dhaka is comparatively very high this year, but DNCC residents are not responding to the facilities accordingly. As a result, a number of dengue testing kits have already expired.

DNCC health department says they have been conducting dengue test in 46 primary health care service centres and maternity centres free of cost.

According to a report, only 3,217 residents have availed themselves of the facilities in the centers from January to October. Of them, 401 have tested positive.

DNCC sources said that they purchased 5,000 dengue testing kits at a cost of Tk 293 each back in August 2019.

According to the Directorate General of Health Services, around 19,000 patients have been admitted to hospitals across the country and of them, around 80 percent patients are from Dhaka South and North City Corporations.

It also said that at least 71 people have died of dengue so far while 743 patients are still undergoing treatment in different hospitals in Dhaka.

Talking to the Daily Sun, Deputy Chief Health Officer of DNCC Md Golam Mostafa Sarwar said, “From August 2019 to September 2021, we have used around 4,000 dengue testing kits while around 400 kits have expired.”

When asked why locals are not showing an interest, he said, “People have a bad perception of the urban primary health care services. They think that it (centre) is meant for slum dwellers. It (this sort of mindset) must be changed.

“We have made every effort to convince people to undergo dengue test. The mayor has urged people to receive the opportunity. We have informed people through the media. Besides, we have put up banners informing the city dwellers about the facilities.”

Clinic Manager of Nari Moitri, Urban Primary Health Care Centre, Boro Moghbazar Dr Hasnahena said local residents are indifferent to the free testing facilities.

“Not many people have an interest in it. We receive only 7-8 residents every day. Sometimes, not a single person turns up, but we are ready to deliver our services,” she said.

Project Manager of Urban Primary Health Care Services Delivery Project-2 under Dhaka Ahsania Mission Part Dr Naila Parvin also said that the turnout is very low.

“On average, 12-15 residents show up daily in one maternity and five primary health care services centers. We have enough kits but there are fewer patients in our centers. People are choosing to do test elsewhere,” said Dr Naila.