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‘Infrastructure dev a must to attract tourists’

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  • 7 October, 2021 12:00 AM
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‘Infrastructure dev a must to attract tourists’

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SYLHET: To boost up the tourist attraction in Sylhet different natural tourist spots, the infrastructural development works must needed. Due to the dillydallying of the concerned authorities for carrying out of infrastructural developments works, the presence of  tourist from home and abroad are decline in day by day, where countries losses huge amount of revenue according to the different sources.

Visitor from home and abroad are eager to see the eye soothing vast natural greenery in Sylhet region from long. 

The different natural spots in Sylhet, will be popular destination for tourists in home and abroad if only the adequate state-of-the-art modern facilities are incorporated, said the many tourist expert.

There are many natural tourist spots are existing in Sylhet division, where a huge numbers of visitor were throng throughout the years to explore the natural beauty. Among the natural spots Madobkunda waterfall, Jaflong, Lalakhal, Volaganj white stone, Ratargul swamp forest, Sreepur picnic, Bichnakandi, Khadimnagar National park, Tliaghor Eco park and Srimangal Tea Garden were the most popular destination to the tourist.

A Pin drop silence is everywhere once you are inside these natural spots, interfered only by the mixed sound of the continuous humming and buzzing of birds and unknown insects.

Throughout the year, especially in winter season a good number of tourists regularly visit these relaxed natural spots.

Visiting tourists said that these natural spots needs more infrastructural development work especially inroads and accommodations for tourists adjacent to the spots and park.

Beside theses well roads is needed to reach the all natural tourist spots from the Sylhet city suggested by the many tourist. Because of many of the roads are dilapidated condition, so that visitor reluctant to go there if he or she once visited there.

However concern authorities pay no heed about theses badly roads condition for the years after years.

Majed Ahmed, a tourist who visited the counties different tourist spots told the Daily Sun in anonymity condition, the roads and accommodation condition of different natural spots in Sylhet are very poor. He urge the concern authority to pay attention to the infrastructural development works of the all natural spots in Sylhet region as the visitor want to come here for  unwind  the natural sight.

A T M Shoheb, president of Sylhet Chamber of Commerce said, we get many God gifted natural spots in our locality. For the lack of communications and accommodations many tourists reluctant to come in here as second time. To boost up the countries economy and attract the more visitors in Sylhet, collective efforts must be needed for developed the infrastructural work in natural tourist spots from all concern sector. Otherwise visitor lose their will to come in Sylhet in future the president added.