Sunday, 28 November, 2021

Promoting electric cars a wise decision

Promoting electric cars a wise decision

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Coronavirus is now dominating international headlines, but air pollution is no less deadly than the fatal bug. It continues to pose one of the biggest threats to human health. Exposure to high levels of air pollution causes a variety of adverse health outcomes. It increases the risk of respiratory infections, heart disease and lung cancer.  More severe impacts affect people who are already ill.  Children as well as elderly and poor people are more susceptible. According to available studies and research, in recent years, air pollution-related deaths and diseases have been on the rise in our country thereby exacerbating people's plight.

In our major cities, passenger vehicles run by petrol and diesel oil produce significant amounts of nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, and other pollutants. Cleaner vehicles are the only option to get rid of the menace. But, what are the clean vehicles? Research has shown that electric cars are better for the environment; they emit less greenhouse gases and pollutants than petrol or diesel-operated vehicles. The major benefit of electric cars is the contribution that they can make towards improving air quality in cities and towns. So, we have been elated learning from a Business page story that the government is formulating a policy to promote electric cars.

The news story, quoting relevant sources, said the policy is expected to be finalised by December this year. We hail the official step as going electric is not just an eco-friendly goal, but an ambition that would help fighting climate change too. Moreover, electric cars have the ability to reduce energy consumption which will create widespread interest for them among the people. Earlier, there had been deficit of electricity in the country, but now the country has become self-sufficient in power supply. So, we hope it will not be that much difficult on the part of the government to allow use of power for vehicles. Once the policy is implemented, we shall hopefully get cleaner streets making our towns and cities better places to live in.