Wednesday, 1 December, 2021

Public trust in e-commerce a must

With technological advancement, internet access expansion and communications improvement, e-commerce business is all set to flourish. In recent years it was indeed blooming as expected, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic when people are well aware of avoiding public gatherings and less interested in going outside their homes. People were adapting to the new normal life-style in the pandemic situation and online shopping platforms had come as a convenient option to meet the demand of time. It seemed that replacing virtual shopping concept with digital shop-less business idea was just a matter of time. However, fraudulence activities of some well-known e-commerce platforms have come as a stumbling block to flourishing the sector since people have become doubtful about online shopping platforms.

According to the lead news published in this daily yesterday, irregularities of e-commerce platforms like Evaly, e-orange and Dhamaka shopping done by establishing controversial business models have predominantly shaken people’s confidence. These incidents have created one kind of apathy among the consumers for online shopping. Their activities put the further growth of the promising sector at stake. However, common people’s attitude is no less responsible for such a situation.

Actually a group of individuals always plan to cheat others utilising the propensity of people to be attracted to something they seem profitable apparently without examining the hidden truth. In the case of Evaly, people were running after buying products at an unjust price without considering the fact how a company can provide any product much below the market price. They all have observed how Destiny and some other companies have cheated people a few years ago, but paid no heeds to that experience. Their greed is actually the reason why they fall prey every time.

The situation, however, could have been avoided had the authorities concerned taken a proactive stance. Anyway, a firm stance of the government in ensuring secured online shopping and safe financial transactions can now help restore people’s trust in online shopping. Strict implementation of existing laws regarding consumers’ rights is a must to stop such fraudulent activities. If needed, new laws should be enacted that even in quickest possible time, so that the current tumultuous situation does not linger much. Online shopping is the ultimate future in trade; so all stakeholders should act properly to force the pace.