Monday, 6 December, 2021

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Reve Chat gets advanced feature

Reve Chat gets advanced feature

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Bangladeshi tech company Reve has re-launched the chatbot platform with advanced solutions of more intelligent and conversational feature.

With the power to understand user intent and sentiment, the bot will add stars to the user experience, said a news release from the organization.

The newly added features will make the bot intelligent to figure out the actual context of user inputs and provide relevant responses that will improve bot performance.

REVE Chat’s Group CEO M. Rezaul Hassan said the agency sees the huge demand for using AI and chatbots in this new normal, post pandemic - to automate customer support and lead generation by most of the customers we work with.

“With chatbots, brands can deliver real time assistance and reduce the support cost while improving the overall customer experience,” he added.

The fallback options pop up when the bot fails to identify the user’s input giving multiple options. The bulk machine learning training allows training the chatbot with FAQs to deliver faster answers that improve the overall accuracy.

Further, the unstructured data can be sanitized to deliver accurate responses and boost user experience. Also, all the conversations can be analyzed with bot analytics to evaluate chatbot performance.