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BRRI-75 rice variety withstands adverse weather

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  • 4 October, 2021 12:00 AM
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Farmers in the country will enjoy bumper rice harvests in a less time and adverse weather by cultivating BRRI-75 advanced variety. The production cost is also comparatively low.

This is expected to bring changes to the country’s agro-economy allowing early cultivation of potato, mustard, maize, wheat, and other Rabi crops across the country, especially in the northern region.

“It is a potential short-duration variety of Aman. This will also create an opportunity to increase national cropping intensity,” according to an experiment conducted by Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI).

Under the Cereal Systems Initiative for South Asia (CSISA) project funded by USAID, BRRI conducted the outreach experiment in the field of farmer Subash Chandra at Khiar Jumma village in Taraganj, Rangpur, said a press release.

The experiment was supervised by its Rice Farming Systems Department.

“Although the production technology of this variety is illustrated to sow seeds between July 20 and August 20, sowing seeds on 20th June and transplanting 20-day-old seedlings on 10th July yields five tonnes per hectare within just 104 days,” said Amina Khatun, chief investigator of CSISA-BRRI part.

She is also principal scientific officer at the Department of Rice Farming Systems.

She mentioned that this variety has a higher yield in advance than other high-yielding varieties produced in the region at the time of early October.

Due to the early characteristics, it is possible to cultivate potato, mustard, maize or other high value Rabi crops very easily in the first week of October after harvesting this BRRI variety.

“The short-life cycle of this variety would open the doors for farmers to cultivate a new variety. Farmers will be able to plant Rabi crops easily after cutting this  variety,” said Md. Shahjahan Kabir, director general of Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI).

“Due to early harvesting of this paddy and its premium quality, higher market price of the farmer will be ensured,” he said.

Agricultural research expert of International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) Bangladesh part Md. Abu Abdullah Miyaji said, “The rice of this variety is long and slender. Light aroma is also available after cooking.”

“Under this project, an initiative has been taken to brand the rice through auto rice millers to bring the rice to the consumer level,” he added.