Wednesday, 27 October, 2021

Alarming rise in child marriage

Alarming rise in child marriage

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In Bangladesh, people are called to raise awareness about preventing child marriage every day in newspapers or through various media, but a survey of how much people have accepted it may have already been published in various newspapers. There is no village where the criminal incident of child marriage has not taken place. The biggest epidemic of child marriage has happened during this corona pandemic. Many students have dropped out. After the opening of schools and colleges, the survey of this horror came to the fore through the news media. Where today they used to take books to school, today they are lying in a family life to make up for the deficit. The epidemic is not only due to lack of money in the homes of the poor, but also in well-educated families.

Just two days ago, a picture of Nargis Nahar, one of the nine students in the eighth grade at Sardab High School in Kurigram, was viral in the media. Of the 225 students of the school, 63 got married and many of them are getting married. About 50-60 students of a secondary girls' school in Satkhira were no longer seen in the school yard. There are thousands of students in hundreds of such schools who have succumbed to the epidemic of child marriage. Child marriage has increased by 50 per cent in the country. Usually 13 to 15 year old girls are getting close to the best moments spent in their school, till child marriage rips off their future growth potential. According to a recently published report, 13,006 child marriages have taken place in 21 districts. Of these, 1,512 child marriages were reported in Barguna, 1,272 in Kurigram and 1,222 in Nilphamari. In general, the steps taken by the government for child marriage have been severely hampered during the Corona period.

Girls from rural families who have been able to avoid the epidemic of child marriage have taken their place in various high-ranking positions in the country today. Therefore, the government and the administration should place more emphasis on women's education and prevent child marriages. This issue should not be seen in such a trivial way but should be cited by the people through a strict legal system and greater awareness.


Saiful Islam, student, Department of Management, Dhaka College