Wednesday, 27 October, 2021

Education system churning out unemployable graduates

Education system churning out unemployable graduates

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We know that education is the backbone of the nation. But the next step in the right direction is stopped by the lack of employment after education, the next bend for the educated person is the pressure of unemployment. Educated unemployed are three times more than the uneducated people in the country. The Corona epidemic seems to have exacerbated the unemployment problem in the country. At present the total population of Bangladesh is about 160 million. The population density is such that there is more people per square kilometre in the country than in most other countries in the region. As per the total land area, there is normally shortages and poverty due to unemployment.

In this difficult time of Corona, people are facing new challenges every day. As a result, a procession of new unemployed is being added to the long-accumulated unemployed members. Not only that, the pressure of millions of expatriates who have lost their jobs and returned to the country has been added to the load of the local unemployed. Corona panic is still haunting though it is slightly abated. Industries, offices, courts, banks, insurance are open but the labour market is under serious threat. On the one hand, the fear of life, on the other hand, the urge to make a living. People do not understand which way to go. Countless people have lost their lives going abroad or coming from abroad to the country. There are not many job opportunities here. As a result, unemployment is on the rise. Educated unemployed are now being created by getting the education that was supposed to create human resources. And these educated unemployed are becoming a burden on the family, society and the state. Which is causing frustration, even leading to suicides.

Analysing the unemployment statistics of Bangladesh in the last few years, it is seen that one lakh new unemployed are increasing in the country every year. The number of educated unemployed is the highest among the unemployed. Statistics show that unemployment among undergraduates and postgraduates is three times higher than in lower secondary and higher secondary. The biggest issue is that higher education is no longer able to guarantee employment. Among the highly educated, the unemployment rate is 10.6 per cent in Bangladesh, 16.7 per cent in Pakistan, 6.4 per cent in India, 2.6 per cent in Myanmar, 4.1 per cent in Malaysia and 4 per cent in Vietnam. At that time that it was around three crores, it was said that if this trend of unemployment continues then soon this number will stand at six crores.

Lack of an up-to-date education system was cited as the reason for the rising number of unemployment. There is a huge inequality in the education system in the country. Article 16 (a) of our Constitution states that the state shall take effective measures to establish a people-oriented universal education system to provide free and compulsory education to all boys and girls up to the level prescribed by law.

In fact, while the unemployment rate in Bangladesh is 14.2 per cent, 13 lakh people are entering the labour market every year. A special report in the Intelligence Unit of the British magazine “The Economist” said that Bangladesh had the highest rate of educated unemployment. For every 100 young people with a bachelor's degree, 48 per cent are unemployed. In India and Pakistan, three out of every 10 educated youths are unemployed, and this number is increasing day by day. In other words, higher education is not able to guarantee employment anymore. One of the reasons for this is not giving priority to employment oriented education. Lack of proper employment is becoming the reason for unemployment.

Many are choosing the path of suicide due to the misery of unemployment. Fresh life is falling. Again, many are involved in various anti-social activities to earn a living and overcome  unemployment. Family pressure on the unemployed is one of the reasons for suicide. Even after studying in higher educational institutions and universities, meritorious students are not getting jobs, then they are also being forced to work below their standard or take suicidal decisions to reduce the burden on family, society and the state. This is a great shame and humiliating for the country, in addition to being a great pain for the families.

Unemployment problem is being created in the educational institutions of the country due to session jams, shaky education systems, lack of right steps at the right time. Excessive population growth is also one of the causes of unemployment. Unemployment is seen as the cause of abnormal inflation, industrial recession, industrial disputes, inability to create new jobs. On the other hand, corruption and nepotism in the field of education are exacerbating the problem of unemployment. The collapse of the education system means the extinction of a nation. This incident can be seen in the written test of the Cyclone Preparedness Program (CPP). It has a negative impact on the growth of the country and development of the nation. Again, the difference between the job preparation phase and the type of academic studies in the country is also one of the reasons for lack of employment. Due to lack of skills and practical knowledge, it is not possible to turn a large unemployed population into human resources. As a result, the curse of unemployment is falling on the family and society.

In order to eliminate unemployment, the education system needs to be balanced with the labour market. Students need to be aware of their own skills. Students need to increase their skills in English language and technology to keep pace with the world. In this case, the responsibility falls on the government. Every student needs to be ensured free technical education, skill training, computer education, etc. Emphasis needs to be placed on increasing employment to eliminate unemployment. Effective steps need to be taken to create trained human resources. In addition, non-governmental organisations need to be sympathetic and provide job security.

Everyone has to come forward from their respective places to overcome national problems like unemployment. In order to improve the character and mental knowledge and intellect of a poor society, one has to have real education. The vision must be stretched. Our people need to be exposed to the vastness of the world without being confined to small boundaries. The education system needs to ensure up-to-date, quality and necessary teaching content. We have to be careful that the influence of bad politics does not touch our educational institutions. The problem of discriminatory quotas in government jobs needs to be addressed. And with that there is no alternative to increasing number of employment.

To reduce unemployment, we need to focus on creating skills rather than increasing the rate of education, and we need to focus on creating new jobs. Everyone has to get out of the attitude of - "what will people say" and come forward to solve the problem of unemployment from their respective places. The government must be sincere in creating employment to eliminate unemployment. Not only the government, but all the non-government organisations and institutions must also come forward to solve unemployment problem.


Nigar Nishat, student, Jagannath University