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Munia’s Death

PBI summons Nusrat

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  • 2 October, 2021 12:00 AM
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PBI summons Nusrat

Investigators of the Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) looking into the rape and murder case filed over the death of college student Mosarat Jahan Munia have summoned the plaintiff as they have found inconsistencies in her statements.

During probe into the case, the PBI investigators found many inconsistencies in the statements made by the plaintiff, Nusrat Jahan Tania, in two the cases she filed over the incident.

Many observed that the mystery behind the case would be unearthed if Nusrat, elder sister of Munia, is interrogated.

Although the plaintiff in the first and second cases is the same, there is difference in statements of the two cases.

The investigators are summoning the plaintiff to find out the reason behind the difference in the two statements.

Multiple sources believe that interrogating Nusrat will reveal many secrets of the case.

Legal analysts say once the first allegation in any case is accepted, there is no way to get rid of that accusation later. But here it is seen that the allegations made by Nusrat in the first case have been handled differently in the second case. It is clear from this that this case is motivated.

After the second case was filed on September 6, the court handed over the onus of investigation on the PBI.

Within three days, a team, including the investigating officer of the case, went to Cumilla and spoke to the plaintiff. However, when questions were raised about the relevance of the incident, it was decided to summon the plaintiff again.

An official involved in the investigation, who did not want to be named, said, "Look we’ll look into everything for the sake of proper investigation."

First, Nusrat filed a complaint with Gulshan police station. In that complaint, she termed the death of her sister suicide and filed a suicide incitement case.

Later, she filed another case against eight people with the Women and Children Repression Prevention Tribunal. In the case, she alleged that Munia was raped and murdered. There are many abnormalities between the two cases. Sources said the cases were motivated and filed with a blackmailing motive.

It is learnt from the officers investigating the matter that there had been some inconsistencies in the case filed by Nusrat with the court.

One of the points is that the murder of Munia was mentioned in the FIR but it was not mentioned how and when she was murdered. The time and place of the incident are very important for any murder case and the accused must be present at the spot during the killing. Many think that it is one of biggest weaknesses of the case.

Another point is that when Munia was talking to Nusrat over phone, Nusrat was returning to Dhaka. During the conversation, Munia did not express any fear of being killed for a single time; rather Munia wanted to stay outside Dhaka for a few days.

The third point is that the conversation before the death is considered as the last statement of any person. During her last conversation, she did not claim that she was raped.

Based on the three points, the investigators are conducting the probe.

 Sources said there had been a significant progress in the investigation, being carried out by the PBI.

They have already collected the video and CCTV footage of the flat in the city’s Gulshan area where Munia was found hanged on April 28 last.

Besides seizing the phone call records of Munia, the PBI seized her diaries and other documents.