Thursday, 28 October, 2021

Transgender actor Nusrat Mou stars in ‘Delivery Man’

Transgender actor Nusrat Mou stars in ‘Delivery Man’
Nusrat Mou and Salam Sumon

Transgender actor Nusrat Mou will be seen acting opposite MA Salam Sumon in the upcoming drama ‘Delivery Man’. Written by Borjahan Hossain, the play has been directed by A Babul.

The shooting of the drama has been completed recently. In the drama, Salam will be seen as a delivery man Ramjan while Nusrat will portray his wife Surma’s character. The drama also stars Sabrina Sweety, Rajanigandha, Imran and others.

 Sharing her experience, Nusrat Mou said, “We are a neglected group of the society and a victim of discrimination. A transgender woman always need to prove her merit over and over again. I want to say, we are talented too. We just need an opportunity to flourish.”

“This is the first time, I feel comfortable with equal treatment and respect while working. I want to be regular in acting if I get the chance”, she further added.

‘Delivery Man’ will be aired on a private satellite channel, the director informed.

Earlier, Nusrat starred in a drama titled ‘Chapabaz’. The drama was aired on Boishakhi TV on March 8 on the International Women’s Day.