Tuesday, 7 December, 2021

New curriculum

Get prepared for challenges

Get prepared for challenges

People from different corners of society have acclaimed the recently formulated curriculum that seemingly assures to remove some long-standing problems of our education systems, including our examination-oriented assessment system and absence of some basic approaches to learning in different stages of student life. With the new initiative, however, come new challenges on which achieving desired success depends. A series of challenges also may arise to hinder the nation to get covetable success from the new curriculum.

Introducing suitable syllabus is a major task to make the best of the upcoming curriculum. Creating a syllabus keeping the chances open to learn about all necessary subjects is as important as the decisions like eliminating group divisions (science, arts and commerce) at the secondary level and reducing the examination burden, since both of them will help students flourish in the later part of the life. Well designed textbooks with quality contents are a must to ensure better standard of education.

The main challenge, however, surely will come regarding the assessment process as most of the teachers are not familiar with continuous assessment system that will play a significant role in evaluating a students’ performance in the new system. Besides, the teachers are obviously neither skilled enough to help tender-aged students in their cognitive development period, in particular up to class III, nor trained to evaluate students’ development in this age. They have no idea regarding it actually, as our current education system hardly focuses on such issues. To pour water on a drowned mouse, the poor teacher-student ratio is present there to hinder such teaching-learning process to a great extent. On the other hand, the decaying standard of morality of some teachers will surely be a matter of great concern as far as fair and transparent evaluation in continuous assessment is concerned, since a little mistake in students’ evaluation in the early years may damage their self-confidence and destroy a student’s future.

There are thousands of examples of failure to secure desired success from a good initiative owing to poor implementation approach. We have earlier observed that how the current creative method of education has failed owing to different reasons, of which unqualified teachers is mostly blamed. The authorities concerned should, therefore, start planning now intending to identify probable challenges and take challenge-overcoming measures in advance, so that the nation can get utmost benefits from the new curriculum.