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Harmonious Society Can Lead to World Peace and Development

A.K.M. Atiqur Rahman

Harmonious Society Can Lead to World Peace and Development
A.K.M. Atiqur Rahman

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The meaning of the word harmony undoubtedly indicates that it existed from the very beginning of the development of human civilization. If there is harmony in the society, then there must be cordiality, goodness, friendship and pleasing relations among the people. It is like the nature, where different plants and animals live together, complementing each other. We can easily see how they help and cooperate with each other for their survival. Their gathering on the same earth is a treasure of infinite beauty. Harmony, like the nature, is an innate human religion. There are millions of people in today's world because there was a bond of harmony among people. Otherwise the world would have been destroyed many years ago. And it's not that people didn't have to go through a situation like that. People have had to face two world wars. Nothing but the feelings of harmony had inspired people to walk the path of peace that day.

Harmony has not only helped the human race to develop civilization, it has propelled it towards progress. People-to-people acquaintances, friendships, cooperation, exchange of ideas, everything has been possible based on harmony. The role of harmony is immense in resolving the conflicts amongdifferent groups of people or nations. Harmony is the base of friendship, compassion and humanity. As harmony existed, mankind was able to come forward to form the world society. In fact, the bond of harmony has brought all the people of the world closer together. The inspiration for all human progress is the manifestation of harmony.

The power of harmony emanated from patriotism, culture, brotherhood and love is enormous. If we recall those days of our Liberation War from March to December 1971, we, the Bangalese of all religions, fought together against the Pakistani occupation army to free our motherland. We never had that feeling who was Muslim, Hindu, Christian or Buddhist. Our feeling grown on harmony was the base to be together in the fight to liberate Bangladesh, the land we all belong to. The spirit of harmony was the only string that kept us tied together, we never thought otherwise. However, there were events of damaging harmony once Bangladesh went under undemocratic rule. Even it may happen anytime if the bonding of harmony is not maintained properly. We should keep our eyes alert so that no such element can infiltrate into our society and damage the existing harmony among our people.

To understand the necessity of harmony, we need to review its importance and contribution in different spheres of our society and state. Harmony is not confined to any one particular boundary or limited area. As it developed, it crossed borders and migrated from country to country. That is why harmony has spread not only in different nations or groups of one country but also in other countries, among other ethnic groups. We can find the existence of harmony in all social, economic, cultural, religious, ethnic or communal issues. However, the stronger a country would be if it has stronger harmony among its people. 

Communalism loosens the bonds of harmony; destroys faith, friendship and humanity. The Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, at a public meeting at the Parade Ground during his visit to Kolkata in February 1972, said, “Eliminate the poison of communalism from the soil of this country. The people of my country are not communal. Whenever in the past the people of Bangladesh launched movement for their democratic rights, vested interest group of West Pakistan tried to fan up communalism to subvert people’s struggle. That is why the national movement for our independence has been repeatedly thwarted.” For the promotion of world peace, Bangabandhu said, “History will not forgive us if we fail in this challenging task. In a world torn by distrust and friction, achievement of peace and stability in the region can be a model for others. I have no doubt in my mind that together we will make a valuable contribution to the promotion of world peace.” From these few words of Bangabandhu, we can understand the role of harmony in our society to promote peace and stability. At the same time, we should be vigilant that this harmony is not destabilized by any corner.

Harmony among countries is very important for the development of mankind. The harmony that exists between two countries means the harmony between the people of the two countries. This harmony leads both the countries to progress through mutual cooperation, sympathy and understanding. It is such a bridge that ultimately showers everyone in the spring of peace. Harmony has enriched our social, religious, economic or cultural sectors. Thus, the people living in such an environment pass their days in peace and healthy.

The people of Bangladesh are believers of harmony and peace. The basic words of harmony have been stated in our foreign policy. It is not just a matter of internal harmony; it is a matter of maintaining harmony with all countries of the world. The basic principles of our foreign policy are friendship to all, malice towards none and peaceful coexistence. This sentiment reflects that Bangladesh desires to maintain harmony not among its nationals only but among the worldcommunity and all nations.

Mr. Robert Kennedy, during his visit to Bangladesh in February 1972 said, “The real foreign policy of America is citizen to citizen, friend to friend, people to people, foreign bonds of brotherhood that no tyranny can diminish. For in a sense, we are all Bengalis, we are all Americans and we all share great alliance of humanity. For those who doubt that freedom and self-determination are the most powerful forces at work in the world today, let them come to Bangladesh.”

Till to-day, we count the importance of people to people contact while maintain our relations with other countries. It means, relation between two countries does not mean anything if there is no relation between the two peoples. In fact, the understanding and feelings between two peoples accelerate two countries’ bilateral relationship. That bond is nothing but the harmony that evolved between two countries’ people for the same objective.

Only by establishing harmony among all the people of the world, irrespective of race, religion, caste, rich or poor, it would be possible to develop the whole world and ensure necessary welfare services toits people. Once peace and stability can be established, the world would automatically move to development. And as a result of that development, the flag of peace will fly day and night in every corner of the globe.


The writer is a former Ambassador and Secretary.