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Ride-sharing drivers place 6-pt demand

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  • 29 September, 2021 12:00 AM
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Ride-sharing drivers place 6-pt demand

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The Dhaka Ride-Sharing Driver’s Union (DRDU), a platform of drivers providing ride-sharing services, has placed a six-point demand including an end to police harassment and recognition of the app-dependent workforces as workers.

The demands were made from a human chain organized in front of the Jatiyo Press Club in the capital on Tuesday.

The human chain announced that a memorandum would be submitted to the government within a week. The rideshare drivers threatened to take to the streets again if their demands are not met by that time.

Earlier on Monday, rideshare biker Shawkat Ali set fire to his motorcycle in Badda after a traffic sergeant stopped him and took his bike documents. A frustrated Shawkat set fire to his bike for not getting his papers back.

Protesting the incident, the Ride-Sharing Driver’s Union announced a 24-hour strike from 12:01 am Tuesday to press home their six-point demand.

The demands also include payment of working hours, setting a 10 per cent commission on all types of rides, and an end to layoffs on false pretences.

In addition to allocating parking spaces, they demanded the withdrawal of advance tax on listed ride-sharing vehicles by listing those as public transports.

Apart from Dhaka, the program was also held in Chattogram and Sylhet.

The bikers who took part in the human chain said they do not support the burning of the bike of the rideshare driver. They urged the government to look into the circumstances under which a biker was forced to do so.

They also said they have their back against the wall, alleging that various companies including Uber are deceiving them by taking away most of the money. Leaders of the platform urged all rideshare drivers to return to work after the strike ended at 12:00 am tonight.