Wednesday, 27 October, 2021

Urmi wants to spread Bangladeshi culture in int’l arena

Urmi wants to spread Bangladeshi culture in int’l arena

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National Award-winning dancer Urmi Nusrat has been attached to dance from her childhood. The artiste has also been honoured with many prestigious awards in home and abroad and got a total of 11 gold medals for her dance performance. The Bangladeshi-born Canadian expatriate Urmi wants to spread Bangladeshi culture in international arena through dance. 

Urmi said, “I want to represent Bangladeshi culture through my performance in international arena. I’ve participated in many cultural programmes internationally as an artiste and dance director as well.

I’ve founded a dance school named ‘Urmi School of Dance’ in Toronto. I want to spread our culture to the new generation. Currently, I’m working on my YouTube channel on dance.” 

Though Urmi is comfortable in all the forms of dances but she prefers Kathak. She also loves to perform on Folk and Tagore songs. She has published some dance performances on her YouTube channel, choreographed by Kolkata-based choreographer Dipankar Dutta.

Besides, Urmi is an Early Childhood Educator in a school in Toronto. She is also a programme planner and anchor of a TV channel named channel 52.