Tuesday, 26 October, 2021

Children drama serial ‘Nayantara Bidyaloy’

Children drama serial ‘Nayantara Bidyaloy’

The family and children’s television channel Duronto TV airs new dramas, programmes, and Bangla- dubbed movies regularly. Now, the channel will air a new drama series for children ‘Nayantara Bidyaloy’ from October 1. Scripted and directed by Rakesh Basu, the show will be aired every day at 2.30pm and 8.00pm. 

The story of this 30-episode drama revolves around a co-curricular school named ‘Nayantara Bidyaloy’, located in a remote village. The curriculum of this school is a little different from other schools of the country. Here, everyone knows Rudra, Robi, Tota and Mamun among the boys in the hostel.

On the other hand, Saki and Anika are different from everyone else in the girls’ hostel. These six friends are called ‘Super Six’ because they are ahead of others in every aspect. The story of ‘Nayantara Bidyaloy’ goes ahead with the various events and competitions of school life.

The drama stars Unaisa Tijan Khan, Neel Srotoshwini, Arighno Argho, Sanan A Kausar Bastab, Ali Abdullah Daiyan Bhuiyan, Sadman Sayeed Mahir, Khondokar Meghdaut Jalil, Mirza Twabib Wasit, Tansi Masud, Ahnaf Ithika Mouno and others.