Sunday, 24 October, 2021

Jashore municipality gets modern sewage system

Jashore municipality gets modern sewage system

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JASHORE: Jashore Municipality has brought “Sobuj Seba” programme to ensure safe sanitation and waste management services in the city in a bid to stop spreading of sewage and contamination of city water and the environment.

The logo of Safe Sewage Management Service ‘Sobuj Seba’ was unveiled and the campaign was inaugurated by BCC Support Cell, Jashore Municipality. The inauguration event was organised at the conference hall of Jagarani Chakra Foundation in the city on Thursday.

The municipal council took this initiative after having a survey report that found that 72 percent of households do not clean their septic tanks or pits regularly. As a result, sewage spreads, contaminates city water and the environment, and greatly increases the risk of bacterial infections, said a press release.

Jashore Municipality is committed to ensuring safe sanitation services throughout the city and achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in sanitation. The municipality has been taking various initiatives for the last few years to achieve this goal.

It established sewage treatment plant and mechanical cleaning and transportation of sewage from septic tanks and pits to treatment plant to keep city environment clean and safe. Under the “Sobuj Seba” programme, the municipality is providing mechanical sewage removal and purification services to ensure safe sanitation services.

Jashore Municipality is implementing a three-month public awareness campaign to introduce the ‘Sobuj Seba’ brand and to motivate the city dwellers to clean septic tanks and pits regularly and safely.

Md Hussain Shawkat, Deputy Director, Local Government of Jashore was present as the Chief Guest at the programme while Dr Abdus Samad, Deputy Civil Surgeon, Jashore was present as Special Guest.

Among others, Jashore Municipality Mayor freedom fighter Md Haider Gani Khan Palash presided over the function.

He urged the city dwellers to give their all out support to make the “Sobuj Seba” programme a success for ensuring safe sanitation services.

SNV Netherlands Development Organisation is providing necessary assistance including capacity building of Jashore Municipality to ensure safe sewage management under “Wash SDG” project.

The campaign is being implemented by 4C Communications.