Saturday, 16 October, 2021

Official sanctuaries for mosquitoes

You are free to adore a general in whatever way you like but surely you will not and cannot describe one as a competent, prudent and efficient strategist who sees his enemies only at far off places but not those in his close proximity. Our city fathers are storming heaven and earth with guns in hand and claim to be engaged in a holy war against mosquitoes of all genus and species but are completely unaware that the breeding grounds of the tiny tyrants are nowhere but within the very structures that city corporations have built with public money and avowedly for public use.

But alas! The ground reality is just the other way round – mosquitoes have been provided with tranquil abode where they can multiply undisturbed, only to test with great relish the hot blood of those with whose money have the breeding grounds been built. Those places are nothing other than official sanctuaries for the carriers of dengue, malaria and chikungunya, Zika virus fever and yellow fever viruses.

A back page story of this daily yesterday gave us the alarming information that underground parking lots of two Dhaka South City Corporation markets have turned into ideal ground for mosquito breeding. The story has it that DSCC demolished 450 illegal shops at the parking lots of the markets but left those uncared for only to be filled with dust, dirt and rainwater. The camera photo printed along with the report displayed undiluted truth about the abominable situation that prevails there. It is not without reasons that three members of the market staff have been infected with dengue.

Dengue fever has already assumed an alarming proportion in the city with a large number of people being admitted to hospitals every day. People at large were crying foul for the state of affairs and urging city authorities to control mosquito explosion. The city fathers are also untiring in their promises for necessary actions. What they have done is before everyone’s eyes; however, the question is – what the use of such actions is when the parking lots are left for mosquitoes to breed. We do not know when we are going to be given a liveable city.