Wednesday, 20 October, 2021

Prices of essentials soar in city mkts

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  • 25 September, 2021 12:00 AM
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Prices of most of the essential commodities have skyrocketed in the city markets causing financial constraints for the low and fixed-income people in the capital.

Prices of chicken, eggs, lentil, chickpea, edible oil, sugar, flour, ginger, dry chili, and vegetables have soared in the city markets.

Golam Rahman, Chairman of Consumer Association of Bangladesh (CAB), said, “A large section of people have been struggling for survival due to decline of their income following corona pandemic. Now they are hit hard by the price hikes of the essential commodities.”

A syndicate of unscrupulous businessmen is increasing the prices of the commodities due to lax monitoring by the authorities concerned, some experts blamed.

Price of flour has increased by 6.35-7.14 percent this month and it  was selling at TK 32-35 per kg, soya bin oil increased by 3.52-1.85 percent, palm oil increased by 7.83-8.05 percent, lentil price increased by 12.90 percent, mung dal price increased by 6.38 percent and chickpea price increased by 7.41 percent this month, according to Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB).

While visiting several kitchen markets in the capital on Friday it was seen that Sonali chicken was selling at Tk 300-320 per kg  from Tk 280-300 per kg a week earlier.  It was Tk 230-240 per kg three weeks earlier.

The price of broiler chicken was at Tk 155-165 per kg while it was Tk 150-155 per kg a week earlier and Tk 120-130 per kg three week earlier.

The price of farm eggs was Tk 110-120 per dozen against Tk 90-95 three weeks earlier. Duck eggs prices were Tk 160 per dozen and local chicken eggs was selling at Tk 190 per dozen.

Shopper Ariful Islam told daily sun that they are frustrated over the higher commodity prices in the markets.

“There is no respite from the price hikes of essentials though our income has reduced due to the pandemic,” he added.

Bean was selling at Tk 150-160 per kg while it was Tk129-140 per kg a week earlier.

Tomato and carrot prices remained unchanged at Tk 100-120 per kg.

Ribbed gourd price was Tk 60-70 a kg, bitter guard at Tk 60-70 snake gourd at Tk50-60 per kg and pointed guard was Tk 50-60 per kg.

Okra was selling at Tk60-70 per kg and Yardlong bean price was Tk 80-90 a kg in the markets. The prices were same in the previous week.

Green papaya was selling at Tk 20-25 per kg, green banana at Tk 30-35 per four pieces while it was Tk 25-30 a week earlier. Red amaranth was sold at Tk 20-30 per bunch, radish leaves at Tk 15-20 per bunch and water spinach was selling at Tk 10 per bunch.

The price of farmed Telapia fish was Tk 160-180, Ruhi was selling at Tk 280-380 per kg, Pabda was Tk 450-500 per kg and Mrigel was Tk 240-280 per kg.