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‘Shaheen Anam, Mahfuz Anam plotting to break unity among Hindus’

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  • 25 September, 2021 12:00 AM
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‘Shaheen Anam, Mahfuz Anam plotting to break unity among Hindus’

Shaheen Anam, executive director of Manusher Jonno Foundation, and her husband Mahfuz Anam are hatching conspiracies to break the unity of the Hindu community in the name of amending their family law, allege a Hindu organisation.

They are plotting to tactfully put the Hindus into a face-off with the government and create unrest in the Hindu community making demand for amending the traditional Hindu law, it said.

Hindu Ain Poriborton Protirodh Sammilita Parishad made the comments at a press conference at Dhaka Reporters’ Unity in the capital on Friday.

The leaders of the platform claimed that some 43 organisations have expressed solidarity with the Parishad against any move to amend the Hindu family law.

They said some NGOs and Hindu organisations that do not represent the Hindus are trying to amend the Hindu law which is very funny.

The speakers said peace-loving Hindu community does not want any change in the law.

Speaking on the occasion, President of the platform Advocate JK Paul said, “We’re raising our voice against those who are speaking in favour of amending the Hindu law. Some people are saying that we’re waging a movement against the government which is not true at all. We’re speaking against some identified NGOs that are trying to create chaos in our community.” Ramkrishna, a leader of the platform, said, “Representatives of different NGOs are trying to break the unity of the Hindu community saying that the Hindu women are not getting their rights. The conspiracy to amend the law is in the interest of the NGOs, including Manusher Jonno Foundation.”

Pranab Mot Chandra, another leader of the Hindu organisation, said the Hindu community is vocal against the chaos being created in the name of changing the Hindu law. “We’re living in peace and we want to live in peace. Shaheen Anam will have to take all the responsibilities for any unrest in the name of changing the Hindu law. They’ve engaged in this deep conspiracy to demean the government before the world.”

“Manusher Jonno Foundation and a vested quarter are trying to change the rules and regulations of Hindu scriptures from abroad in order to put the government in an awkward situation. They know that the Hindu community is a big supporter of the government and they’re conspiring to break this bond. They’ve engaged in this deep conspiracy to humiliate the government before the world. We’ll thwart this conspiracy at any cost. We all the organisations of the Hindu community across Bangladesh are vocal against their conspiracy,” he said.

Supreme Court lawyer Bibhas Chandra said, “We sat at Dhakeswari temple with the leaders of the Hindu community recently. They unitedly decided that there was no need for any change in the Hindu law. The law needs not to be amended.”

“Our ancestors dared not to amend this law. We want to tell those who think the law needs to be amended that there’s no need to change it and it’s not possible,” he said.

Rupanug Gouradas Brahmachari, director of ISKCON's Food for Life in Dhaka, said, “It (MJF) is not a foundation for people, it’s a foundation for evil people. We want their intentions to be exposed to all. We urge the Prime Minister to understand our words and there’s no need to change the Hindu law. If they advocate for blueprint to change the Hindu law, a strong movement will be waged against Manusher Jonno Foundation.”

Earlier in a written statement, Shyamal Kumar Roy, general secretary of the Parishad, said, “A vested quarter has been hatching a deep conspiracy for almost three decades to destroy the family ties and harmony of the Hindu community in Bangladesh. Whenever Awami League is in power, they become very enthusiastic to change the Hindu law.”

He demanded that legal action be taken against Shaheen Anam, her husband Mahfuz Anam and Dr Angela Gomes, executive director of Banchte Shekha.

Shyamal also announced that the movement of 43 organisations will continue until punitive action is taken against them.