Tuesday, 19 October, 2021

Sumon returns with new song ‘Boyosh Holo Amar’

Sumon returns with new song ‘Boyosh Holo Amar’

Popular singer, lyricist, musician and the frontman of rock band Aurthohin, Saidus Salehin Khaled, popularly known as ‘Bassbaba’ Sumon, has released his new single ‘Boyosh Holo Amar’. The song was published on YouTube on Thursday night.

With the slogan “Happiness is a choice and life is beautiful,” this song marks his comeback after receiving long treatment for cancer in abroad, reports UNB.

Written and tuned by Sumon himself, the song features guitarist Mahaan Fahim as the solo guitarist and the music producer. Ahnaf Salehin, son of Sumon, has also participated in the song with his whistling tune.

Describing the song and the emotional journey behind it, Sumon shared a post on his official Facebook account on Wednesday. He wrote, “The song has no bass solo, startling lead, or caricature of drums. This is a track purely based on Mahaan’s beautiful acoustic guitar playing upon my lyrics, altogether a simplistic presentation.”

“This song is about me slowly aging and being almost handicapped and bedridden for over two years. It’s a song about me stumbling about in the dark and screaming in agony every night. More significantly, it’s a song about me triumphing over adversity and reclaiming my way back to the light,” Sumon emotionally demonstrated his feelings regarding the single.

The music video of ‘Boyosh Amar Holo’ was shot in Bandarban, directed by Sumon himself.