Wednesday, 20 October, 2021

Tapan Chowdhury lends voice to Milton’s song after 15 years

Milton Khandakar is a prominent lyricist and composer of the country’s music industry. He has penned and composed more than 4,000 songs in his career. On the other hand, singer Tapan Chowdhury is one of the leading exponents of modern music. He has presented many popular songs to the audience over years.

The musician-singer duo has collaborated after 15 years for a song. The song titled ‘Tomar Chole Jawa Dekhechi, Dekhini to Phire Ashte’ has been released on Milton Khandakar’s YouTube channel on Thursday.

About the song, Tapan Chowdhury said, “This is a beautiful melodious song. I love the lyrics and tune of the track. Milton Khandakar has different types of audience. They are waiting for his music. I hope the song will touch the audience’s heart.”    

Milton Khandakar said, “Tapan Chowdhury is an immensely popular singer of the country. He has been mesmerising listeners for decades with his wonderful voice. I’m delighted to work with him again. His singing style is till now the same as like 40 years before. We need to create more songs with talented singers like him.” 

Tapan Chowdhury lent his vocal for the first time under Milton Khandakar’s composition in the films ‘Dukhini Ma’ and ‘Soytan Jadukar’. Their last collaboration was released in 2006.