Saturday, 16 October, 2021

‘Enhance capacity of local govt bodies’

  • Staff Correspondent
  • 24 September, 2021 12:00 AM
  • Print news

Local Government, Rural Development, and Co-operatives Minister Md Tajul Islam has underscored the need for enhancing the capacity of the local government bodies to deliver proper civic services including health care.

“The condition of health care services is better in urban areas than in rural areas which are not satisfactory. The health services in municipalities are facing an acute shortage of manpower. We have to enhance the capacity of the local government bodies to improve their performances,” he said while addressing a programme at a hotel in the capital on Thursday.

Tajul Islam said the present government has already taken some necessary initiatives to enhance the capacity of the municipalities across the country.

“We have already appointed the Chief Executive Officer in some municipalities. Besides, we have also taken initiatives to solve the manpower crisis.  I hope, the municipalities will overcome the crisis within two years,” he said.

Speaking about the dengue situation, the LGRD minister said the government was working to bring dengue under control by the upcoming month.

“The mayors and councilors are working with the people intensively to control Aedes mosquito.  They are spraying pesticides in the morning and the evening. Besides, they are also conducting campaigns to make the people more aware regarding the destruction of breeding grounds of Aedes mosquito,” he said.

“Though the impact of climate change is responsible for dengue outbreak, but the major reason is the lockdown and the vacation for Eid when people left their buildings without taking measure to prevent mosquito breeding. Besides, there was periodic rainfall is from May to September which is congenial for Aedes breeding,” he said explaining the reason for the dengue outbreak.