Wednesday, 27 October, 2021

Asif, Muhin collaborate for first time

CloseUp1-famed singer Muhin Khan has also made his mark as a music composer.

Many prominent singers have lent their voices under Muhin’s direction. For the first time, popular singer Asif has rendered a song under Muhin’s composition.  

The track titled ‘Ami Sudhu Chai Chai Tomake’ has been recorded recently. In the duet song, Moumita Afrozi has sung with Asif. Muhin himself has also written the lyrics of the track.

About the song, Asif said, “Muhin is tremendous as a singer. He is also doing well as a music director. The track ‘Ami Sudhu Chai Chai Tomake’ is not different from his other songs. Besides, Moumita has a sweet melodious voice. I hope music lovers will enjoy the song.”

Muhin said, “Asif bhai is my favourite singer, favourite person as well. I’m delighted that he has lent his voice to my song. And Moumita’s voice has made the soft-melo song more beautiful. I hope, the listeners will like our work”  

Moumita also shared, “It’s like a dream comes true. Asif Akbar is a prominent singer of the country. A newbie like me has sung a duet with him is very inspiring for me. Muhin bhai tuned the track very nicely. I hope the song will be well accepted by the audience.” 

Muhin informed the song will be released soon with music video.