Thursday, 2 December, 2021

Judi Dench to star in ‘Allelujah!’

Judi Dench to star in ‘Allelujah!’

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English actor Dame Judi Dench and actor Derek Jacobi will feature in a remake of Alan Bennett's most recent play. According to, the two stars will appear together in the medical drama ‘Allelujah!’ from ‘Call the Midwife’ creator Heidi Thomas, which is an adaptation of the 87-year-old writer's most recent stage work.

The story is set in a Yorkshire hospital's geriatric ward, the Bethlehem, which is facing closure, with the ‘Skyfall’ actress playing a former librarian who is now a patient on the facility's Dusty Springfield ward, and Derek playing a former headmaster who has also been admitted to that section of the medical facility.

The film is presently in pre-production, and casting for additional major roles is still ongoing. ‘Allelujah!’ was initially performed three years ago at London's Bridge Theatre, directed by Nicholas Hytner. The cast includes Nicola Hughes, Simon Williams, Julia Foster, and Deborah Findlay.