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SpaceX capsule returns safely

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  • 20 September, 2021 12:00 AM
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SpaceX capsule returns safely

The quartet of newly minted citizen astronauts comprising the SpaceX Inspiration4 mission safely splashed down in the Atlantic off Florida’s coast on Saturday, completing a three-day flight of the first all-civilian crew ever sent into Earth orbit.

According to Reuters, the successful launch and return of the mission, the latest in a recent string of rocket-powered expeditions bankrolled by billionaire passengers/

It marked another milestone in the fledgling industry of commercial astro-tourism, 60 years after the dawn of human spaceflight. “Welcome to the second space age,” Todd “Leif” Ericson, mission director for the Inspiration4 venture, told reporters on a conference call after the crew returned.

SpaceX, the private rocketry company founded by Tesla electric automaker CEO Elon Musk, supplied the spacecraft, launched it, controlled its flight and handled the splashdown recovery operation.