Friday, 22 October, 2021

‘Frustration major reason for suicide’

Professor of Dhaka University Clinical Psychology Department Kamal Chowdhury said suicide is a symptom of depression, not a disorder, and identified “hopelessness” as a major cause of suicide, reports UNB.

“This hopelessness, which leads to suicide, is the beginning of depression. Therefore, professional counselling is necessary to overcome this depression,” he said.

The psychologist said when the family breaks up, the support structure declines steadily. “Slowly, people are isolated, that is, depression is caused.”

He said they need to concentrate on Upazila-level suicide prevention, establish the national suicide prevention aid, hold trainings and workshops in schools, and familiarize the dimension of mental health more.

He was addressing a webinar hosted by ACTIONISTS on Friday night titled “Bangladeshi People Suicidal tendencies and suicidal behavior.”

ASM Amanullah, Professor, Department of Sociology, Dhaka University and Sharin Shahjahan Naomi, Assistant Professor, Asian University for Women were present.

The programme was conducted by Dr. Fatima Zohra, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, BSMMU and coordinated by A.N.M Fakhrul Amin Forhad, founder of ACTIONISTS.

Professor ASM Amanullah said during this Corona outbreak many students have dropped out, and there is a strong possibility that they may never return.

“Alternative livelihoods must be arranged in order to bring them back. They must be given income so that they can look for your family and study. There must be more workplaces. With women, we need to work more. It is only then that suicide can be prevented,” he said.

Sharin Shahjahan Naomi said in all cases of the Corona epidemic, isolation has been imposed and people’s direct contact with others has decreased, which has a significant impact on their mental health.

“People may commit suicide as a result of these factors. Also, when family and friends frequently mention, ‘You’re not good enough’- it leads someone easily to commit suicide,” she added.

She is concerned that depression will worsen in the post-Corona world.

World Suicide Prevention Awareness Month is celebrated in September every year.

The theme of this year’s Suicide Prevention Day is ‘Creating Hope through Action’.