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Bamboo crafts on verge of extinction

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  • 19 September, 2021 12:00 AM
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Bamboo crafts on verge of extinction

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SYLHET: Once, Bamboo made handicraft was very popular to the rural area in different purpose, especially in household activities. Now it was replaces by the plastic and aluminium materials.

The environment friendly handicrafts like tukri, kula, dala, koloi, kara, zaki,  are now seen hardly in different remote areas.

However, in this modern age many people are not familiar with these bamboo made handicraft, especially in the urban area. So people show reluctant to buy these.

Meanwhile, the peoples those who use to bear their livelihood by making and selling bamboo crafts, most of them already left the profession and involved in different jobs to carry out their livelihood.

Moloy Sarkar, who was a artisan of bamboo craft from his childhood, said that nearly 20 to 25 years ago these environment friendly bamboo made handicraft was very demandable to the villagers for their daily activities. But the situation has been changed. Now, people are dependent to plastic and aluminium made materials.

Monuhor Miah, a day labourer of Ramdabazar area said, two decade ago we regularly used bamboo made materials for our household activities. But now these bamboo-made materials become a symbol of backward family to the modern peoples.

He urges the authorities concern to pay attention in this sector for saving bamboo made handicrafts and the artisan as it is our traditional culture as well as environment friendly.