Wednesday, 27 October, 2021

Make dope test mandatory to eradicate drug menace

The horrible clutches of drugs are going to completely engulf our society if we delay in taking strong steps in curbing it. A large part of the youth of Bangladesh is involved in drugs. The effect of drugs is increasing offense and violence in the society. According to the Association of Prohibiting Drug Abuse (MANAS), the number of drug addicts in Bangladesh is now 7.5-8 million. Two years ago it was below 7 million. 90 per cent of drug addicts are between the ages of 15 and 35. Although the younger generation is more in number, many older people are also addicted to drugs. 21 per cent of the addicts are women. Along with the traditional drugs like cannabis, phensedyl and yaba, new drugs like ice, LSD and magic mushrooms are also in vogue in Bangladesh during this corona period. So now it is high time for strict new initiative in drugs control.

 In many cases, unable to raise money for drugs, the addicts get involved in all kinds of serious crimes ranging from theft and robbery to even murder. It can be seen that the child who could brighten the face of the family, could become the pride of the country by involving himself in the development of the society and the country with his intellect and thinking, today that child is not only destroying himself by the touch of drugs but also destroying the dream of happiness desired by a family and destroying his own bright future.

The drug problem is bigger today than at any time in the past. Wherever a new drug originates in the world, it immediately spreads in our country. When drugs are readily available, many people may get addicted to drugs, whether it is for fun or out of frustration. Addictive drugs and chemicals that cause a psychosomatic reaction are causing great harm to the addicts and their family and above all to the society at large. One of the main reasons for the severity of the drug problem is its easy availability and the fact that addicts do not come under punishment.

Lastly, as there is no provision for severe punishment for addiction, it is difficult to curb addicts. Although drug abusers cause harm to others, many still view it as a private matter. The mentality of not disclosing about the drug addicted child and not being able to bring them under the necessary treatment is increasing the malaise of addiction. A sterling amicable family environment and favorable social environment can keep us away from drugs.

Dope tests are being made compulsory in different parts of the world to control drugs. Our country is also in the process of making dope tests compulsory in various fields. Dope tests need to be introduced wherever there is opportunity. I think it is needed for everyone starting from public-private sector employees to students, teachers, doctors, journalists, players, actors, even political party leaders. It needs to be done not once, but every year. I think if it can be done it will play a big role in drug control. It will add a new dimension to the conventional anti-drug campaign. But dope testing is just one of the ways to control the spread of drugs. If you want to stop the use of drugs, you have to get to the root of it, that is, you have to stop the way of getting drugs. The policy of law being enforced for some but not for others must be avoided. People involved in drug smuggling and trade should be strictly brought under the law. In this matter, the policy of giving concessions to anyone should be avoided.


Kazi Ashfick Rasel, student of Rajshahi University