Tuesday, 26 October, 2021

Shut the door on narcotics import

Shut the door on narcotics import

To save the lives of people from the deadly coronavirus, the government has been taking various steps including relaxation of import regulations, with the intention to the hassle-free import of necessary medicines and medicine-manufacturing raw materials. A report of a Bengali daily, however, revealed that capitalising the situation as a unique opportunity to expand their contraband drugs business, a group of unscrupulous persons has started importing narcotics and narcotics-manufacturing raw materials in the guise of importing emergency medicines and personal protective gears of Covid-19.

According to the reports, in the last three years the National Board of Revenue (NBR) has seized 137 consignments imported into the country under the banner of the companies that either closed their operation years back or exist only on papers. In some cases, culprits have used the brand names of some famous companies, who know nothing about such shipments. Surely the number of such consignments is a few times more than that of recovered.

Ruining the future of a large portion of the young generation, widespread drug abuse has turned into a serious problem in recent years as new types of drugs are reportedly imported into the country, targeting youngsters of well-off family backgrounds and students reading at different levels, especially college and university students. Though drug users and some field-level traders are detained sometimes, the big fishes of the narcotics business can easily escape the long arm of laws and are running their business in full swing, even expanding the market gradually, despite the government’s zero-tolerance policy against drug abuse.

To protect the nation from the dangerous catastrophe of the drug, bringing the big fishes to book aiming to stop imports of lethal drugs is as crucial as destroying the supply chain of drugs by napping the suppliers and consumers. It would be very difficult to restrict the consumers only from taking drugs, keeping the flow of narcotics uninterrupted.

The authorities concerned, therefore, must shut the door on narcotics import, no matter whatever be the case and whatever facade the culprits maintain. If necessary, the law enforcement agencies must add improved surveillance equipment to their armoury, so that none can fake them out. All-out effort is a must to save our nation from drug menace and closing the way of importing drugs is surely placed in the front row.