Sunday, 24 October, 2021

The Tale of Recycling

A group of workers are seen taking out the labels from the polyethylene tube (PET) bottles for grinding while others are grinding the bottles at a factory in the capital’s Hazaribagh area. Later, workers sort these plastic scraps on the bank of the river Buriganga for drying in the sun. The photographs were taken on Friday. Thousands of street scavengers, majority of them are children and women, live on collecting huge PET bottles every day. The first-hand collectors, who procure the bottles from roadside dumping sites or from different houses, generally sell those to small shop owners while the small shop owners sell those to big buyers and the big buyers sell those to different

recycling factories. Finally, these recycling factories grind and sell those to plastic product manufacturers or

export the item to different countries, especially China and Thailand, to make new recycle products.      —Reaz Ahmed Sumon