Wednesday, 20 October, 2021

Shifting of bus terminals

Traffic congestion may ease

Traffic congestion is a common sight in Dhaka city. It is more noticeable during peak hours of the day. Three inter-district bus terminals located at Gabtoli, Saidabad and Mohakhali are being seen as major contributors to the traffic-related woes in the city. The long-bodied highway buses often block the entire roads near the terminals when they arrive or set out to go to their destinations. The experience appears to be a nightmarish one for drivers and passengers of the vehicles passing through the streets. Ultimately, the city commuters bear the brunt of the unbearable situation as its adverse effect is felt in almost all the thoroughfares of the capital.

However, a lead story of a major vernacular daily published yesterday shows a ray of hope to the city residents. It is that the three inter-district bus terminals are going to be shifted outside the main city.  Apart from this, another bus terminal and bus depot will be constructed at Kanchpur. DNCC Mayor Atiqul Islam has disclosed the plan to the journalists. His revelation has created a new hope among the sufferers as it may help ease the city's perennial traffic problem. But, reportedly, the existing bus terminals are also said to be dens of criminals. So, it is expected that criminal activities there would also be reduced to a great extent because of shifting of the terminals.

It has also been learnt that the old inter district bus terminals will be turned into city bus terminals. There is no denying that the bus drivers hardly follow the traffic rules. So, they should be restrained from keeping their vehicles haphazardly on the streets adjoining the would-be city terminals; otherwise the same traffic congestion would recur on the same spots.  We believe the city traffic situation would improve significantly after implementation of the plan and thus bring relief to the city dwellers.