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Ctg Zoo gets new tiger cub

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  • 17 September, 2021 12:00 AM
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Ctg Zoo gets new tiger cub

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CHATTOGRAM: The lone albino (white) tigress gave birth to a cub at Chattogram Zoo recently.

With this, the number of tigers stood at 10 at the zoo, said sources.

The Zoo Physician and Acting Curator Dr Md Shahadat Hossain Suvo said the white tigress Shubhra gave birth to a golden and black striped cub on August 26.

They are looking after the female cub weighing 1.9 kilograms now after separating from her mother Shuvra, he said.

Mother tigress has been aggressive on her cub after its birth and it is natural for tigers, said the Curator.

They are feeding the female cub with goat milk for six times in a day, he said adding that it is very difficult for a cub to survive without mother’s care.

But, they are trying to help the cub grow up smoothly.

They will add the cub with her mother at the cage after six months, he added.

Earlier, tigress Joya gave birth to three cubs on November 14 last year while two died after being deprived of mother’s care.

The rest one named Joe Biden survived under the care of zoo physician Suvo.

Mentionable, two 11 and nine-month-old tiger and tigress were brought for the Zoo from the South Africa at a cost of Tk 33 lakh on December 9 in 2016. They were named as Raj and Pori.

The tiger-couple gave birth to three cubs including two rare white cubs (albino). One of them died after one day of birth in 2018.

They also gave birth to two cubs in 2019 and one of them died after birth.

Mentionable, Chattogram Zoo was established by Chattogram district administration on February 2 in 1989 on 10 acres of land in the city’s Foy’s Lake area to ensure entertainment and research on animals.

There are now some 620 animals and birds of 66 species at the zoo for display.

The existing animals include lioness, tigers, crocodile, deer, bear, python, peafowl, cock, vulture, tortoise, turtle, heron, kite, eagle, egret, greater adjutant, monkeys and some other common animals and birds.