Friday, 24 September, 2021

Confronting virus, countering complacency

A single column report published yesterday on the front page of this newspaper has appeared as a relief to hundreds of its readers. It is that the health authorities have recorded 35 coronavirus deaths in 24 hours till 8:00am on Tuesday. As per version of the health officials, it is the lowest number of deaths in over three months in the country. We are fortunate enough that the number of deaths is on the downward curve. This is undoubtedly a good piece of news, but people should never get overly excited as there is no room for complacency.

Life has become a little bit easier through the steps taken by the government by easing coronavirus restrictions. But, Covid-19 is very much here and it is not going away soon. Now, more than ever, it is all the more obligatory to continue wearing face masks, washing hands at regular intervals and practising social distancing because we cannot afford another round of coronavirus agonies. We must not forget the nightmarish experience during the entire period of Covid-19 pandemic. Everyone needs to remain vigilant as before. It is still fresh in our memory that a group of expatriates first carried the fatal virus into our country the previous year. After a journey by air when they arrived at Dhaka airport they were allowed to freely go to their village homes instead of keeping them in mandatory quarantine for at least a fortnight. The callousness of the aviation authorities proved to be costly by fast spreading the pathogen countrywide.    

It is high time to set up RT PCR laboratories at airports across the country to contain the spread of Covid-19. Although Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina issued necessary directive in this regard earlier, but as per press reports her directives went unheeded. How dare the aviation authorities ignore the PM's directive and play foul with the lives of people! The foul players should immediately be brought under the purview of law. And RT PCR labs should be established at both the airports and land ports of the country. It is exiting that schools and college have been reopened after a long time, but the students must continue the personal safety measures which will ensure their safety and security.